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Organic Nourishing Digestive Tea to relief constipation, bloating, indigestion or gas

Nourishing Digestive Tea

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Relief constipation, bloating, indigestion or gas - unique formula is created to combat it all in one tea.  Whether you suffer from chronic constipation or have this problem periodically; worrying about regular bowel movements shouldn’t disrupt your daily life. Created without harsh laxatives this tea will gently stimulate your peristalsis and assist with bowel movements with no cramps or diarrhea. It would also help with bloating or indigestion after a meal, so you could happily continue about your day with no discomfort (..More..)

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Now You Can Have Your Digestive System Work With One Cup of Tea… With No Searching, No Mixing Herbs and No Fuss.


Carefully selected herbs will gently aid in bowel movements with no cramping or diarrhea.

Bloating and gas free


This tea will eliminate bloating and feelings of gassiness after a meal, keeping your tummy happy


This tea will stimulate the muscles of your intestines, supporting digestion and preventing discomfort after meal.


Diarrhea and cramping free, this tea contains no harsh laxatives that would interrupt your daily routine



Helps to  flush out the toxins.


of Your Weight
and Your Mood


Natures most powerful ingredients, carfully selected to help support Healthy GUT

Cascara Sagrada

Cascara sagrada the best herb to treat constipation. While the rest of the known laxatives stimulate the intestines by irritating the membranes, it improves the muscle tone of the intestinal walls and encourages a quicker evacuation

Tulsi or Holy Basil

Holy Basil is one of the greatest adaptogen herbs available in nature, helping the body to adapt to stress and stimulate the immune system to increase vitality.


Chamomile has mild sedative properties, it helps calm a stressed mind. Also improves digestion and relieves stomach aches.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds are exceptional in dealing with any digestive issue from colic in infants through flatulence and indigestion. They strengthen the “digestive fire” while relaxing the digestive tract.


Ginger helps the body to flush toxins, calms stomach aches and relieves flatulence. It’s great for nausea and heartburn, and absolutely invaluable in winter times for colds and flus.


Oatstraw is rich with calcium and minerals responsible for strong bones, hair and nails. Rich in magnesium, it helps to promote deeper sleep without side effects and calm the nerves during the day.

Stinging Nettle

Nettle is a must for nourishing the body with vitamins and minerals. It is a great source of calcium, magnesium, trace minerals and chlorophyll. Whenever your sources are depleted nettle can help you restore them.

“For many years I’ve had problems with my stomach. It was always a concern when i thought about using the bathroom. My digestion was never functioning properly no matter how many remedies I tried. I had given up hope, thinking that there was no real way to fix it. Until i found this Nourishing Digestive Tea. When I began to drink it regularly, coupled with a healthy diet and probiotics, I saw my body was functioning better every day. After much research, I figured out that in addition to eating right we must also incorporate herbs into our daily diets. This is a tradition that many have forgotten about. Our teas are now limited to the choices we get from the nearby coffee shop. Nourishing Digestive Tea not only tastes great but also gave me a way to incorporate powerful everyday herbs into my routine. I always have it with me on the go.”

- Diana S.

Veronika R
“Nourishing Digestive tea is always with me when I travel. Traveling before has always been an issue for me because eating outside in unknown places caused me stomach aches and flatulence. Finding Nourishing Digestive Tea was a great relief as I can keep it with me all the time now and use it whenever I feel any discomfort. I also drink it beforehand as a prevention. I no longer have to search for herbs or take them in bulk, since I found this herbal mix.”

- Veronika R.

By now we know we need this tea in our diet every single day to have a healthy stomach. If you don’t have the time, money or patience to shop or create your own formula then Digestive Tea is the perfect choice.  



1. How many times can I drink your tea?
You can take this tea at any time of the day; however, it is best to take it 30 min before mealtime. Mornings are best if you're prone to constipation. If you ever feel bloated after a meal then drink a cup of digestive tea afterwards.

2. Is it normal that this tea becomes bitter after steeping for more than 15 min?
Yes, it is absolutely normal. The bitter taste comes from cascara sagrada, the bark of the trea that helps stimulate peristalsis and the bowel movement. Unlike many other laxatives, cascara sagrada doesn’t irritate the intestinal membranes, but tonifies the smooth muscles of the intestines causing contractions.

3. How to make this tea?
Take 1 tea bag. Place it in a cup of boiling hot water and steep the tea for 10-15 min. To avoid bitter taste remove the teabag after 10 min. Don’t be alarmed if the tea tastes bitter, it is totally normal and beneficial to your digestive system. If you want to add honey as a sweetener, make sure to let the tea cool a little as the hot water kills all the vitamins and nutrients of the honey.

4. Can I drink your tea after a very big meal?
Yes, you can take this tea after a big meal. As a matter of fact this would be ideal for you. The tea will stimulate your digestive system helping avoid flatulence and indigestion.

5. I have constipation, so I’m drinking laxative tea daily. Should I add this tea as well?
We don’t recommend taking strong laxative on a regular basis. It weakens your peristalsis and leads to sluggish GI tract. We strongly discourage you taking both teas on the same day as it might cause serious diarrhea. We’d like you to try this tea alone for a week to see the results. Since your body is used to stronger laxatives, you might want to take this tea twice or even three times a day in the beginning until you start seeing the result. After that you can gradually reduce the amount of tea to one or two cups a day.

6. Wondering about Cascara. Is it safe to take every day? I used to take it many-many years ago as I have suffered from constipation off and on for many years.
It is safe to use cascara sagrada every day. Unlike its relative buckthorn that irritates the intestines and thus causes diarrhea, cascara sagrada helps to restore intestinal tone. It encourages peristalsis and helps strengthen the muscles of the colon. Additionally we combined cascara sagrada with fennel and ginger and chamomile that strengthen your digestive system even more, soothe any irritation and bloating and prevent diarrhea.

7. Can Nourishing Digestive tea help with bloating?
Yes, it certainly can. We have specifically designed the tea to reduce bloating and improve digestion with the herbs like ginger, chamomile and fennel. The powerful combination of these herbs helps with flatulence and stimulating digestive track.

8. Since this tea contains cascara sagrada, can it cause diarrhea?
While we don’t recommend to drink too many tea cups a day, it shouldn’t cause diarrhea. Although this tea does help with constipation ginger and fennel counteract diarrhea and help restore intestinal flora.

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