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About us

The journey towards forming this company has been a long, soul searching, winding path.  MilagroFlora was born from the years of friendship and mutual learning.  We all dealt with our fair share of health issues to which only we could find a solution through personal research. Our company came from a simple idea: if we could help ourselves, we could help others.  We were successful in trying to find herbal and natural solutions for ourselves, and felt that more people could benefit from those simple remedies.  The famous saying by Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” inspired us to look for plain herbs that were used for centuries in cooking and cleansing.  We found those herbs very powerful and yet gentle on our bodies.  

In many cases helping the body restore itself to its maximum potential with everyday herbs works better than administering strong herbs or medication.  Our bodies have an incredible wisdom and capacity to heal themselves and our aim is to support them.  The more we worked with the herbs, the more compelled we were to share our knowledge, starting with friends and family. Our formulas were loved by all who tried them. Encouragement from our loved ones brought us to share this journey with you.  It’s a true  blessing and we hope you’ll enjoy our products.

To your health,