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Why do we say thank you?


Every culture and every religion has a prayer of gratitude.  Even one hundred years ago practically everyone was religious and offering thanks to the higher powers was an everyday routine, like brushing teeth in the morning.  Time has changed and there are a lot more atheists or non-religious people today who don’t believe in prayer.  While some people switched to meditations, for many science has become a new religion, and all the unexplained phenomena has to be explained from a scientific point of view.  So let’s talk about the science of thanking.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, Japanese scientist, spent third of his life studying water and its reaction to different words, whether spoken or written.  Through his experiments he found that the frozen water crystals would change dramatically when different words were spoken or music played.  His book shows numerous examples of such crystals.  When “thank you” words were used the water crystals looked like snowflakes while words with negative emotions looked like a horrible mess of spilled paints.  These facts about water might not be that interesting had we not known that our bodies are at least 70 percent water.  Maybe ancient people weren’t wrong offering their thanks for the meals or upon waking up.  Maybe we need more gratitude in our lives for better health and longevity.  While we may agree or disagree with Dr. Emoto’s discovery, we all know that food always tastes better when cooked in a good mood.  Scientists would definitely agree with Dr. Emoto that a grateful person is a happy person, and eating his or her meal in a relaxed state would help the body digest the food better.  Although Thanksgiving is celebrated only once a year, we can always find things to be grateful for all year long.  Wouldn’t you love to create a life where you can often be happy and grateful?  Turns out it’s much easier than we think!  Next time you come home light your favorite candles richly scented with pure essential oils, take a bath with Epsom salt and throw rose petals in it, listen to a beautiful soft music, dance, laugh, cook your favorite meal made with fresh ingredients or simply enjoy your organic tea.  It’s very easy to be happy and thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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