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How do we perceive ourselves


Our culture is so conditioned to be obsessed about the looks that quite a few people spend a fortune on diet and special exercises in attempt to look like models.  The media is not really concerned about the mental health of the community as it’s more interested in making money.  The fact that a lot of images are photo shopped and beautified is not shared with us; therefore, we innocently believe that it’s possible to look flawless, and we’re ready to sacrifice our own health just to look as glamorous as those models on TV screens and cover pages of magazines.  

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Completely disappointed with our images and devastated at our inability to change our appearance we start destroying our bodies and health using suspicious pills, starving ourselves and torturing our bodies at the gym.  The truth however is that we are so unique that nature created each one of us one at a time and made sure to gift each being differently.  Why wouldn’t we recognize our talents/gifts immediately and live according to our extraordinary abilities, but follow the rules of society created by someone who needed us to follow them? The answer may seem to be very simple.  We were never taught that being ourselves is actually ok and there is no need to imitate other people.  As children we tend to live simply enjoying life around us.  Our bodies are not a problem as we don’t know how to compare ourselves with others and don’t know how to judge ourselves either.  Simple food tastes deliciously and the body gets enough calories and nutrients to run the entire engine properly.  Somehow though along with good stuff the bad stuff starts slowly creeping in.  It comes in so many different forms and shapes that we barely notice how all of a sudden we turn into anxiety ridden old people at a very young age.  By the adult stage we lose the joy of living all together.  Plain food no longer tastes great as more junk is introduced into our lives and we can’t taste the freshness and the richness of the real fruits and vegetables.  The bodies are not fueled with the proper nutrients, minerals and vitamins and start crippling even though very young.  What’s more devastating is that inadequate nourishment makes us sluggish and uninterested in life and its wonders.  We tend to lose concentration and become very inert.  Being active is not a necessity anymore and we start gaining weight aggravating our bodies and systems even more.  At that point we try to look for books on how to lose weight and start living happily, as though weight loss alone could make anyone happy, and become even more miserable and start the never ending cycle of losing weight to look better to become happier.  So how can we change the entire approach to such problem and become truly happy?  Let’s start with the “happy” part first.  There is nothing wrong with your body and it doesn’t have to look like the fake nicely photo-shopped one.  Instead you need an alive body that wants to move and enjoy every moment of life.  Rather than focusing on losing weight search for something that will make you excited, be it a dance, or swimming, or simple walk.  Your body will do the rest: it will automatically shed all the unnecessary weight and infinitely support you in your journey.  It will naturally start craving for real food, like fruits and vegetables and help you regain your health.  Add to that cocktail more smiles and laughs and you are back to that carefree child you once were.  


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