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What Am I Craving For?

Have you ever experienced a serious craving for a specific type of food?  I bet you did! At some point each one of us had a serious need to eat a particular dish be it something sweet, sour or umami.  Even thinking about this dish would make you drool.  This craving is the indicator that the body is lacking specific nutrients or vitamins and demands to restock the supplies.  

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Many times receiving this signal we are confused and think of unhealthy substitutes that would not nourish or support the body,  but strip it off the necessary components even more.  Let’s say you’ve been craving for sweets and were looking for a specific type of sweets,  like some very creamy cake.  Although it is true that sugar is very addictive than, we also know that the body  needs healthy fats.  They play a significant role in building cells, covering nervous system, brain function, absorbing fat-soluble vitamins and many other areas.  Instead of supplying it with flaxseed oil, borage oil or evening primrose oil, we create more deficiency by adding more junk.

According to Johanna Budwig, German scientist, biochemist and blood specialist, many of us are missing healthy unsaturated and saturated fatty acid and which in turn can cause a multitude of diseases including cancer.  Her protocol was incredibly simple: avoid simple sugars, processed food, processed meats and unhealthy fats and replace them with organic fruits and vegetables and cottage cheese with organic flaxseed oil.  Her discovery helped many chronically and terminally ill patients.  

So why should it concern non-cancer people?  Technically it shouldn’t; however, many of us are often complaining about lack of energy, fatigue, muscle pain even at a young age, inflammation and many other health issues.  We drink coffee, buy vitamins and very expensive supplements in health food stores,  but stubbornly avoid supplying our bodies with essential elements.  How can one reverse such detrimental practice and restore the body?  One of the many options is to incorporate Budwig’s protocol in our diet.  Taking organic cottage cheese mixed with organic flaxseed oil on an empty stomach is one of the most important components of it.  Another essential component of the protocol is whey, or the liquid part of the cottage cheese.  It restores the body’s pH level and feeds it with probiotics.  And of course she suggests drinking herbal teas, freshly made organic vegetable juices, lots of greens and berries.  Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, grapes are powerful antioxidants and vitamin treasure chest.  Incorporating this protocol in you life, you’ll help your body restore its energy, get rid of toxins and waste materials and increase its vitality.  Help your body become young, healthy and happy again.  Enjoy your life and become healthy again.

MilagroFlora Team

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