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That a tea with fresh parsley can

  •  lower slightly elevated blood pressure
  • reduce water retention during PMS

That peppermint tea can help with

  •  headache
  •  nasal congestion
  • colds
  • nausea

That oregano oil can be used     

  •  as an antiseptic
  • as antibiotic
  • can be added to toothpaste to enhance its antibacterial properties

That rosemary oil can be used

  • in hair hair shampoos to strengthen the hair
  •  in body washes to improve skin condition
  •  with coconut oil as facial body cream
  • to improve concentration and focus

That honey can be used as medicine

  • for wounds, burns and scratches
  •  for coughs and colds
  • for anemia
  • seasonal allergies

That oat straw can be used     

  •  to improve skin condition
  •  to strengthen nails, bones, and hair
  • for anxiety and insomnia

That lavender oil can be used

  •  to improve skin condition
  • for relaxation
  • for headache
  • for burns and


MilagroFlora Team

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  • David on

    Dear Cathy,
    You can take this tea at any time of the day; however, it is best to take it 30 min before mealtime. Mornings are best if you’re prone to constipation. If you ever feel bloated after a meal then drink a cup of digestive tea afterwards.
    We’ll be happy to hear from you if you have more questions,

  • Cathy Gulley on

    Hi, I recently received the Digestive Tea & was wondering how & when is the best time to use it? Thank you so much for your time. Looking forward to your response!

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