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The Elixir of Love or Love Potion

The Elixir of Love

Do you love opera?  If you love it like I do, you certainly have your favorite composer, your favorite style and your favorite opera of course!  One of my favorite operas is L’Elisir d’amore or The Elixir of Love written by the Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti.  Written in Bel Canto style, meaning beautiful singing, this opera has masterfully interwoven comedy and romance.  It is probably one of a very few operas that doesn’t have any tragic moments, keeps all the heroes and heroines alive, makes you laugh a lot, and has a happy end.  To make it more intriguing, the story revolves around the love potion that should make the cruel heroine fall in love with a poor peasant who is hopelessly in love with her.  

Obviously this is not the first time the love potion is mentioned in a story.  When herbs were the only remedy existed, herbs and plants were used for healing, celebration, and various ceremonies.  It was believed that love could be induced with love potion, and for centuries people were trying to create the formula for love potion to find new love or rekindle the existing one.  Not much changed many centuries later; we still crave that incredible feeling of excitement when the body seems to float above the ground, and the eyes glow with happiness.  Although I’m not really sure if such a formula exists, your love life could definitely be enhanced with certain herbs and foods.

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For instance, many people heard of the word aphrodisiac.  The word aphrodisiac comes from ancient Greek.  Named after Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, it means “preparation or drug which excites sexual desire”.  Interestingly enough, some of the foods or plants we often crave without knowing about their magical powers are the above mentioned aphrodisiacs.  

For instance, how often do we hear that people crave chocolate?  Chocolate is indeed an aphrodisiac, and whether we know it or not we often prepare or buy dishes that contain chocolate for romantic settings.  Cacao, the main ingredient of chocolate, contains an abundant amount of minerals that would restore your body from head to toe.

Another aphrodisiac that many people love and add to various dishes is cinnamon.  From chai latte to oatmeal or apple pie, or hot apple cider, cinnamon is your best friend.  It can spice up your meal and relationship.  In addition it’s a great remedy for many health issues, like diabetes, cough or inflammation.  

For many cultures aphrodisiacs mean a lot more than just romantic affair.  Ayurveda, for instance, highly values aphrodisiacs as tonic herbs that revitalize the body and give it more energy.  Called Vijakarana, from vaji meaning a horse or a stallion, these herbs help restore the body and the mind.  They have the power to give life, but they can also renew the body itself.  Such herbs nourish the reproductive system, improve sexual vitality, invigorate the entire system, and boost your endurance and stamina.

If you feel that your energy level is very low, and you don’t want to use stimulants like coffee, try Suma root or Brazilian ginseng.  Suma root is an adaptogen that can be used to increase physical strength, energy and stamina.  It can help with chronic fatigue, poor circulation, and sexual dysfunction.  

One more important combination of herbs that could help you nurture your reproductive system is ashwagandha and shatavari.  Ashwagandha translated as that which has a smell of the horse is an incredible adaptogen that gives the sexual energy of a stallion and vitality.  Taken regularly this herb helps with memory loss, general debility, nerve exhaustion loss of muscular energy and insomnia.  Ayurveda values the semen as the most precious fluid of the body as it ensures longevity and gives physical and mental energy.  Ashwagandha helps to increase seminal volume, sperm count, sperm quality, and sperm motility.  Just like ashwagandha is crucial for male reproductive system, shatavari is essential for female reproductive system.  Translated as the one who possesses one hundred husbands, it tonifies and nurtures the reproductive system. It helps with the debility of the female organs, general sexual debility, infertility, impotence, and menopause.  Taken together the herbs complement and balance each other.  For male formula take 2 parts of ashwagandha and 1 part of shatavari, and for female combination take 2 parts of shatavari and 1 part of ashwagandha.  

Whether you want to feel more energized or enjoy greater intimacy in your relationship using essential oils will benefit you greatly as well.  Mixing bergamot and ylang ylang would improve your mood and incite the passion.  You can add a few drops of mix to the coconut oil and massage each other, or simply add a few drops in a diffuser and enjoy the aroma.  If that combination is too sweet for you, adding a few drops of myrrh oil will add slightly earthy scent to your blend and make it even more erotic.  Experimenting with different oils is a lot of fun and can help setting the mood for the precious moments.  Next time you need to feel more energized or spice up your relationship, add more aphrodisiacs into your food, take some adaptogens and make sure to use your favorite essential oils, and enjoy your life again.

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