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Spain Trip Day 3

After running around and completing our business objectives our team decided to try something new. We heard a lot about Archena's unique spa and underground mineral water we had to experience it our self. Beside just a spa it focuses on three types of medial Ailments: Arthritis , Respiratory and Dermatology

Archena Spa somewhere to relax and unwind

This very special place is known only to a few people, more will know about it now we have it on our web site. Large indoor and outdoor swimming pools in lovely naturally heated waters. Set is the most glorious  surroundings and open all year round this is a thermal complex covering more than 200,00 m2 just inland from Murcia city itself in the Valle del Ricote.

The water flows from a spring at a temperature of around 52C after having remained underground for an unbelievable 15,000 years .

It has therapeutic properties that help with a wide variety of ailments and help with many problems associated with today’s hectic lifestyle.Helps to eliminate anxiety and stress, help with breathing post surgery operations and your especially if you have tired joints. Most of all though, it is a place where the entire family can enjoy for the day. There are numerous water jets, lazy rivers,  saunas, Jacuzzi, flotation pools, ice caves, Turkish baths and treatment rooms, some of these are at an extra cost.

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