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Losing Weight Easy

So you decided to lose weight!  You’ve struggled enough for years to realize that you need it.  Your inflammation is through the roof, your joints are aching at each step, your head is about to explode at each loud sound, and you’re beyond miserable.  You really are ready, but what about your body?  Have you really convinced it?  Have you really prepared it for such a drastic change?  We rarely think of our bodies as of separate entities.  The body is a body and it belongs to me, and therefore it will do what I say! Right? Wrong! Try to tell your body to leave that delicious ice-cream half way when you were craving for it for at least a week.  Will you really be able to stop yourself?

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  That’s how we start a vicious cycle of weight loss struggle.  We start the process of weight loss without making our bodies ready for it, and  of course we fail, and then we lament and complaint about not having a strong willpower.  Would you immediately start driving a car without careful preparations, driving lessons and test taking?  You would never dare do such a thing!  So why should losing weight be any different? Your body needs time, and you have to be patient with it.  

As always start the process with love.  You have a beautiful body; there is nothing wrong with it!  You just need to cleanse it and make it happy again!  You wouldn’t hate your dishes if they were dirty.  You’d simply wash them and move on with your life.  Why hate your body then?  

Write down all the dishes you crave.  I’m pretty sure many of them are junky!  Can we change them to make them less junky?  We sure can!  Do you like pasta?  Don’t give it up yet.  Just change semolina wheat or white flour to a whole wheat or quinoa organic flour.  Do you like french fries?  No problem.  You can make a better version of them at home.  Peel potatoes and cut them into wedges.  Boil the wedges for 5 min and transfer them evenly to a baking sheet, that had healthy oil spread on it.  Spice them generously with salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and rosemary.  Bake your homemade french fries at 350 degrees F in preheated oven for 25 min.  

But how about salad?  Yes, you should add it to every meal, and that means you have to be really creative with it.  Choose two different types of greens every week, or stick with the ones you really like slowly adding those that you like less.  Slice one or two cucumbers, and one tomato.  Now comes the creativity.  Pick a different fruit or berry for each salad.  Add different nuts each time and make homemade dressings.  Your salad will be more and more delicious every time you make it, and you’ll be craving it more and more.  

Now let’s introduce your body to a bit of cleansing.  Beet pastilles were introduced by Boris Bolotov, Soviet academician, as the way to lose weight and cleanse the intestines.  Juice one or two beets, remove the pulp and put it aside.  Juice an apple and orange to mix it with beet juice.  Drink the juice whenever you like.  Take the pulp and make tiny pastilles from it.  You will be taking a spoonful of pastilles before every meal.  The pastilles shouldn’t be chewed, so they wouldn’t mix with your saliva.  The pulp getting into your intestines will fill your stomach making you feel full.  They will absorb all the toxins plastered to the walls of intestines, stimulate the peristalsis as they contain a lot of fiber, and supply your body with tons of vitamins and minerals.  This easy cleanse will help your body remove the toxic unabsorbed debris, tone the intestinal muscles, and improve digestion.  In two weeks your body will feel lighter and losing weight will become much easier.  Your body will start appreciating your efforts of taking care of it and stop resisting you.  Now is the time to enjoy becoming healthier and happier you! Have fun!

MilagroFlora Team

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