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Is it ok to be angry?

Is it ok to be angry?  For many of us it’s not even a question: of course not!  We are civilized people and shouldn’t be angry!  For many of us meditation is the key to become peaceful and non-aggressive.  And please don’t take me wrong, meditation is an excellent tool to discover yourself in the midst of conditioning voices you were raised with.  It’s amazing to rediscover your real self and become creative and joyful, and childlike again, but… meditation is not a makeup women putting on trying to correct and conceal the skin’s  and face’s flaws.  

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If anything meditation can be compared to the archaeological discovery where after millions of layers carefully and patiently taken off, the real gem of the lost city is discovered.  You are that lost city that needs to be found, and you are the one who decides whether to be angry, sad, happy or even dull.  Obviously you don’t want to harm people when you are mad or upset, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being angry!  We can be angry for multitude of reasons, from not having our tea or coffee right to losing friendship that lasted for decades.  Have you ever seen a child being angry?  The child is innocent or wise enough not to judge this emotion as anything special. This emotion was designed to have its own very special place in our life, as laughter was.  I’m not a saint and presume no one around me is, and when things are wrong I’m angry because I can’t change them, or I can’t help people I love, or because I’m simply angry.  Just like we avoid taking bitters in our diet as they are not tasty; we avoid being angry because it’s wrong.  Nobody really explained to us why is it wrong except saying that we cause nuisance and make others uncomfortable mirroring their hidden emotions.  However, keeping negative emotions inside, especially those boiling ones, can cause a myriad of health problems.  When our emotions are gone through the roof  the adrenal glands produce an incredible amount of adrenalin that wreaks havoc in our bodies.  Repeatedly produced stress hormone could potentially lead to heart attack, stroke and even cancer.  So shouldn’t we then be zen people and stay calm and emotionless to avoid such problems?  I believe just like the nature can’t be free from the thunderstorm, lightning and crazy heavy rains, we can’t live without anger.  We need a full range of emotions to be alive.  Without tears there is no laughter, and without anger there is no serenity.  It removes the impurities from of our hearts and debris of destruction, and helps us start our lives anew.  No food can be flavorless, and no one should be emotionless.  Love your anger, enjoy every scent of it, allow yourself to be playful, and your life will be completely transformed.


MilagroFlora Team

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