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Happy Mother's Day


Whether it was dictated by society or conditioned by my family, I always wanted to be a mother.  Somehow I never dreamt of a specific career, but it felt natural to raise children even at a young age.  I planned it all well of course: I would get married, then would have children who would be loyal and obedient and easily raised.  Except they didn’t know about my plan.  They came as human beings with their own temperaments, interests, wishes and beliefs. 

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They were constantly demanding my attention and every ounce of my energy.  They forced me to grow into the woman I had to become to withstand the storms of life waiting for me.  They were the best teachers I could possibly ask for, raising me with the impatience of a child and maturity of an adult.  And they were the people who taught me how to become a mother and how to love them.  I was pushing them to become the best people they could become, and in turn they were pushing me to become the best mother I could become.  I didn’t have time or money to travel, but I spend all the money and time I had to make them well-rounded and interesting people, but I didn’t know that these wise little people were making sure I was educated and interesting enough for them.  I can’t say every moment of motherhood was happy, but every moment was definitely unique.  From happy to sad to angry and to happy again, it was a cycle I could never predict.  Every concept was challenged, questioned and brutally terminated if disagreed with. My perception of life has changed dramatically, and with that changed my understanding of motherhood.  I believe in great friendship and understanding between mother and children; I believe in honest, open and sincere relationships.  As adults we often try to hide our emotions, especially the bitter ones, in the hope of keeping our children happy for as long as possible, the fact of the matter is however, our children are a lot more perceptive than we think they are, and they sense when things go wrong, and feel betrayed a lot when we are not sharing our life situations with them.  I’ve also realized that we are not always right, and stopping often enough and reevaluating our decisions is a key to raising a child.  Children don’t come with a map and navigating system, they come with a personality we have to learn to respect and accept.  Much like watering a plant and watching it grow, we should water and feed our children with love, care and support.  It’s impossible to know who they will become when they grow up, but I know they have to become real humans ready to help other human beings, ready to be compassionate and loving.  Looking at them I have to know that their thirst for life is unquenchable and their hearts will never cease to love others.  We are not born mothers, we become them when our children choose us.  We walk the untrodden path along with our children learning from each other every minute, and we cherish every moment of such journey.  There is no fortune teller to helps us. We simply take one step at a time hoping for the right decision at the right moment.  We are happy when our intuition is right, and we grieve when the wrong step was made, nevertheless we continue to walk till the end of our life.  We continue to learn to love our children as they continue to grow and mature.  As we are about to celebrate mother’s day remember to thank your children for turning you into the mothers.  Remember that whenever they hug you, kiss you and spend time with you they celebrate your mother’s day with you.  

Enjoy your mother’s day!

MilagroFlora Team

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