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We live at a time of the fake cornucopia.  The houses, furniture clothes, or food are made of cheap and synthetic materials prone to live a very short life span.  Meat is injected with synthetic hormones, milk is pasteurized and fortified with synthetic vitamins, wheat, fruits and vegetables are drenched in herbicides and pesticides and harvested much earlier than they should.

Additionally the soil is so depleted of nutrients that it is practically impossible to receive essential vitamins and minerals from the food we are eating.  If you add to this the processed and packaged junk heavily advertised everywhere, you can see why so many diseases are on the rise.  It’s not surprising that since we are lacking important vitamins and micro-elements, we consequently feel tired, unmotivated, spiritless and listless most days.  Nutritionless food creates a lifeless body that has to drag itself throughout this so-called exciting life.  


At such moments we usually decide to seek professional help and find out that we need vitamins and minerals and a bunch of other good stuff, but we decide to go mainstream and end up buying artificial multivitamins swamped with artificial colors, flavors and other garbage that is added to those colorfully tempting tablets.  Hopefully at a certain point some sense could be knocked into our heads and analytical skills would become very handy.  

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Let’s start with iron deficiency.  If you ever experienced the metallic taste in your mouth after your tooth fell out when you were that cute little kid you know what iron tastes like.  Without iron your body will never be able to deliver oxygen to your cells and for cells oxygen is food.  You can find plenty of iron in meat and meat products; however, for many carnivores iron deficiency is still an issue.  As with many other issues we usually run to a doctor for help and get a prescription that is supposed to make us feel better.  To our disappointment, in addition to the first problem we become constipated since iron alone causes constipation.  

Now not only our cells are not oxygenated enough, but our bottoms are clogged.  Again our options are to run back to the doctor and get another clogging prescription or to try for a more natural method like greens.  Sounds so trivial does it not?  Yet it is a far better method of avoiding constipation and supplying your body with a lot more than just iron.  Moreover, you can make it fun and turn it into a cool family project.  

But before we start adding herbs and food containing iron into your diet, let's eliminate the products that deplete your sources of this mineral.  Aspirin, carbonated drinks, sodas and processed foods have to be completely eliminated, while coffee, tea and dairy products should be carefully avoided when taking together with iron supplementing meals.  

Iron enhancers are just as equally important.  For instance, cooking in cast iron cookware could be very helpful when trying to raise your hemoglobin.  Food containing vitamin C generously supports the absorption of this vital nutriment.  Now we are ready to start exploring our green kingdom the cows are so fond of.  Let’s ask them to moo us in the right direction of abundant non-constipating  iron meadows to start restoring our health.  They will tell us more about those herbs in the next blog.  

Talk to you soon,

MilagroFlora Team  

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