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Fresh Ginger Tea Benefits

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Nothing could be as upsetting as having the whole family being sick at the same time with different sicknesses. To make matters worse it usually happens at night and or on a weekend. At that moment you are ready to pull your hair out trying to figure out who to take care of first and what to do with the rest of the family. Of course you’d run to the emergency room if it’s something serious; however, if it’s not that serious you could run to the kitchen and see what you have there. As Murphy’s law would have it you ran out of all your remedies. You decide to search your kitchen one more time and to your great surprise find a piece of ginger bought for curry last week. Perhaps, finding treasure at that moment would not be as exciting as finding such gem. Now all your family’s health problems are solved.

Health Benefits of Ginger

I could bravely call ginger a panacea for great health.  Practically every body system can benefit from using ginger tea

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Ginger heals any respiratory issues - from flu and colds through bronchitis and sometimes even emphysema, since it helps relieve bronchial spasm and promotes expectorations.

When it comes to digestive problems ginger is the best aid in stomach pain, flatulence, heartburn, indigestion, stomach virus, nausea, and vomiting, including motion sickness and seasickness. It’s a wonderful natural remedy for morning sickness for the first trimester pregnancy that has no known side effects.

Consuming ginger tea regularly helps reduce inflammation in the joins, reduce swelling, and increase the mobility.

When it comes to a cardiovascular system, ginger is your best friend again. It has anti-blood-clotting and cholesterol reducing properties; thus, preventing heart attack and stroke.

If that wasn’t enough, ginger root can save you from multiple infections and bacteria, can boost your immune system, can calm your headache, and even help in fighting with some cancers.

Additionally, it could help warming up the body during winters. For instance, Russian culture used a beverage called sbiten. It was used instead of tea or coffee which replaced this wonderful beverage in the 19th century. Sbiten was made at home and was also sold by street vendors called sbiten makers or sbitenshchiks on the corners of the streets. Sbiten consisted of variety of spices and honey, but practically always included ginger in it. It was forgotten for a few centuries, but is slowly finding its way back home.

For many cultures ginger root is considered one of the main spices to keep at home. Practically every Indian home has ginger-garlic paste in its fridge ready for countless dishes, and of course, no home can live without chai masala that has ginger in it as well. From ancient India to ancient Greece and Rome, Asia, Africa, Europe and America, ginger rightfully found its place in every kitchen and medicinal chest. Next blog we will share a few recipes and remedies that use ginger. Go ahead and buy more ginger root, so we could get started.

 To Be Continued...

MilagroFlora Team

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