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Easy detox - Part II


Now that we removed dangerous chemicals from the house we can move on to the food isle.  The next step is to switch to fresh, organic and whole foods.  The best option would be to buy local organic produce whenever possible.  Try to buy less processed food as it contains lots of additives aggravating our health.  Buying meat, poultry, or fish, look for organic options, and if not available choose free range options with no hormones or other drugs.  

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Now that we got rid of some chemicals in the house and in the food, we can start cleansing our bodies. Start your day with the dry brushing massage.  This technique will take a few minutes but will give you energy for the whole day, stimulating your lymphatic system and removing the dead cells from the surface of your skin.  If you want to enhance this routine, add a few drops of basil or rosemary essential oils on your brush. The oils will stimulate the brain and improve concentration without coffee and tone your skin.  Drinking a cup of water with a freshly squeezed lemon upon rising in the morning is incredibly beneficial and rejuvenative.  The water will hydrate the body and flush the toxins.  A lemon added to your water will supply you with vitamin C that kills bacteria, activate the immune system, support liver and more.  Try to eat a lot of salad during the day.  Avoid adding meat, bread crumbs or heavy dressings to it.  Make it as colorful as possible and add different vegetables each time. Reduce the amount of caffeine intake. Drink as many herbal teas as possible. Ginger tea with lemon and honey will stimulate and cleanse your digestive system helping getting rid of toxins and absorbing nutrients. Drinking ginger tea during the day will keep you warm, protect you from catching cold and help your digestion (Chapter 5).   

Another wonderful option is chai massala. Drinking it during the day will keep you awake and focused in addition to other benefits here. Incorporate daily exercises in your routine.  Don’t have time? Five minutes of dancing to your favorite music or song will do just as much! Before going to bed drink some fennel tea.  It has wonderful soothing properties that help you relax and get ready for sleep.(Chapter 9).  Everything you do should be easy and fun and you will notice how grateful your body will be, and how much it will change within short amount of time!


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