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Chapter 12 - Rosemary

Spring is around the corner,  and we are eagerly looking forward to the sunny and warm days.  Nature is ready to dress up in the brightest hue of green color and energize us.  For us spring brings a lot of changes too.  Tired of winter and it’s gloomy colors, we welcome fresh breeze, nice weather and spring filled fragrant air.  We are ready to be more active and spend more time outdoors.  No more hot cocoa under a warm blanket; it’s time to go hiking or walking around the city and enjoy the beauty around. Unfortunately, spring has its downside as well;  spring brings allergies, and the biggest allergy trigger is pollen.  Sneezing all day, runny nose and watery eyes are just a few symptoms such allergies bring.  

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Instead of looking for allergy medicine, let’s check our kitchen cabinet for the herbal remedy.  Containing rosmarinic acid, Rosemary has great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.  Unlike antihistamines that have multiple side effects, rosmarinic acid provides natural allergy relief preventing congestion, coughs and general mucous congestion in the airways. Simmering it in the pot, taking it as a tea in mouthful doses or burning it relieves nasal and chest congestion, and asthma attack. Rosemary helps detoxify the body, protect it from bacteria, protect the immune system and stimulate circulation.  In times of epidemic and plagues in Europe, rosemary was burned, and simmered in open pots to kill germs and viruses in the air. When used in food preparations not only does it flavor the dishes, but it also purifies and preserves them, neutralizes gases, aids digestion, and prevents spoiling. Because of its disinfectant properties, rosemary is very useful for gum and other mouth problems. If those qualities were not enough, rosemary is a great memory booster, and beauty aid.  Using rosemary essential oil or drinking rosemary tea  can significantly improve memory and improve concentration.  Students in Ancient Greece drank rosemary tea when studying for examination.  Rosemary is irreplaceable in skin and hair care.  This herb makes the finest hair and scalp rinser.  Adding rosemary oil to shampoo and brewing a strong tea for hair rinse can cure dandruff, strengthen the hair and stimulate the hair growth.  Using rosemary in baths or dry-brushing with essential oil can improve the skin condition, treating acne and and lightening the dark spots and blemishes. It can help with skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema.  Additionally, rosemary stimulates cell growth and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  One teaspoon of rosemary powder mixed with liquefied cucumber makes a great mask that can be applied twice a week to look fresh and radiant.  Ready for spring?

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