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Can sweets be healthy? Part I


Can sweets be healthy? In the past few hundred years the consumption of sugar has risen from approximately 4 pounds to more than 100 pounds per person per year.  This means that an average person consumes about 128g of sugar a day which is equivalent to almost two thirds of a cup.  Most processed, canned and packaged foods, whether organic or not, contain a lot of sugar.  For example, a slice of bread contains 1-2 grams of sugar which is equivalent to half-a-teaspoon, a bagel contains 6g of sugar equal to one-and-a-half teaspoons, and if you decide to drink a 12 oz can of soda you’d consume 39g of sugar or almost 10 teaspoons of sugar.  A bowl of cereal, a can of soup or a bottle of ketchup all contain sugar.  

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According to many scientists and researchers sugar leads to an array of health problems from tooth decay to diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer's disease.  Some scientists believe that large consumption of sugar can cause learning disabilities as well.

To make matter worse our food industry adds various artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup into many products making them dangerously carcinogenic.  Despite the fact that the scientists and nutritionists try to alarm us about sugar epidemics most people are not educated and end up eating junk food thinking they are eating “healthy.” 

We live in a time when obesity and diabetes start at early age and cause a multitude of health issues throughout life time.  Unfortunately it’s not that easy to stop kids from eating sweets without isolating them from the rest of the world.  No event or party can go without sweets and it gets close to impossible to prevent children from eating them.  So how should we handle sweets?  Start educating your children at a very early age. Explain the difference between healthy choices and unhealthy choices.  Let your children taste as many vegetables and fruits as possible and make their plate very colorful.  Don’t introduce them to sweets until you can no longer avoid them.  As for us, adults, reading labels is the first step in dealing with sugar problem.  If you have to buy packaged food make sure to choose the ones with no sugar.  Always avoid any artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn sugar!  Eliminate sodas and any sweetened juices or drinks.  Eat whole fruits and vegetables.  Make your own juices that are fresh, tasty and are not overly sweet.  Slowly adding more greens into your juices make them more potent and will give you tons of energy.  Still craving sweets?  Next blog we’ll introduce you to the sweets that are actually healthy and could improve your health.


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