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Tips to Release Anxiety to Feel Calm and Free


Have you ever dreamed of being worry free?  Life would be so wonderful if we didn’t have to worry about so many things!  We worry about our family, kids, work, school, finances, and many more problems we anticipate.  The fast-paced-world we live in causes a lot of anxieties, and at times makes life simply unbearable.  

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Before you decide to see a therapist or take medication for your anxiety allow me to offer you a couple of simple, safe and inexpensive remedies and techniques.  

Let’s start with the simplest: breathing.  Start paying attention to your breath, and try to extend your inhalation and exhalation.  Each time your inhalation/exhalation is extended, the vagus nerve is stimulated, and your parasympathetic system is activated.  The body switches to the “rest-and-digest” mode and slows down while relaxing the rest of the systems.  Whenever the vagus nerve is stimulated it releases the anti-stress hormones and enzymes.  Additional benefits are improved memory, deeper sleep, reduced inflammation, stronger immune system, higher level of growth hormone, fewer allergies and lessened tension headache.  

Adding essential oils to your daily regimen would make you feel even better and help prevent anxieties faster and easier.  Lavender oil can be your best friend if you are stressed and overwhelmed.  Rubbing a drop on the temples can stop the tension headache, and adding a few drops in your bathtub with Epsom salt can promote a very deep sleep.  Indirect perfuming is another great benefit of using essential oils.  Dropping a few drops on a tissue or a cotton ball not only helps you stay anxiety free, but also indirectly affects everyone else around.  The oil of bergamot will improve your mood and frankincense will improve concentration while keeping you calm.  

Breathing meditation with frankincense oil helps to go deeper in meditation and shed some unknown layers of pain or grief.  Switching from coffee to herbal tea and drinking it consciously can be a really transformative experience as well.  But most importantly- love yourself!  Your anxieties are not your enemies; they are your friends who are simply trying to remind you to come back to the child you once were.  Befriend yourself, pay attention to your needs and wants.  Become your own doctor and your body’s best friend.  Make your life interesting by learning something new every day.  Surround yourself with happy people and join them in their interests and anxieties will have no place in your life.  

Have an amazing Day!

MilagroFlora Team

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