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Adaptogens to the rescue

Every child’s dream is to become an adult.  As children we are unaware of the monsters called bills, loans or rent, but we know that adults have a lot of money and spend it however they want.  As children we’re also unaware of stress those adults experience, and think that drinking coffee looks cool, so we plan to drink coffee when we grow up. We play endless games imitating our parents, hurrying to work, screaming at children, and gulping cups of coffee.  

Eventually, one day we become those adults and all of a sudden realize that life is not as easy as we imagined,  so we frantically search for reverse mode to return back to childhood.  Alas, there is no going back!  We definitely start drinking coffee, but it’s no longer fun.  The monsters we were so oblivious to in our childhood, stress us out every day and make life quite unpleasant.  Our life often becomes dull and the phrase “thank god the day is over” is repeated a lot.  We work a lot, we rest very little and constantly fight off fatigue and sleepiness.  Even diet and exercise helps very little with such a lifestyle.  


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Our bodies were not designed to tolerate so much stress we endure daily.  While occasional stress can be beneficial to our health, being stressed over a long period of time can drastically deteriorate it.  Chronic stress affects our bodies a lot more than we can possible imagine.  Recent study done by the neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, has shown that the hippocampus, responsible for memory and emotions, can shrink if affected by long term stress.  It’s been known for a long time however, that stress dramatically affects our endocrine system disrupting the proper function of the endocrine glands and imbalancing the secretion of hormones.  Although produced in minute amounts, hormones control or regulate many biological processes.  Dysfunction of the endocrine system can lead to many health issues like disturbances in the immune and nervous system function, and even increased cancer risk.  

Stress can be especially dangerous to the endocrine system, so our job is to protect it as much as possible.  In an ideal world changing the job, moving to a less stressful environment, or working a few hours a week would be a perfect solution.  Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such luxury.  For many of us even vacation is not always an option.  

So what can one do if life is really challenging and changing lifestyle is not possible at the moment?  Adding a hobby or rekindling the old one can be of great help. Our creativity can be a great motivator to stay healthy and even more importantly happy.  Learn breathing exersises, become physically active and make sure to eat nutritious food.  Taking adaptogens daily can greatly improve your health as well.  Adaptogens are a group of herbs that help the body adapt, especially to stress.  In othe words the adaptogens help the body restore and balance itself.  Adaptogengs have been used for many centuries as they help regulate the hormonal balance, strengthen the immune system, increase physical endurance, restore mood and much-much more. In the next few blogs we’ll try to describe some of those wonder herbs and suggest how to use them.  

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