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Trick or treat

Heloween Snacks

Even though Halloween happens once a year, at times it feels like it happens every day. Especially the “trick-or-treat” part of it!  Should I trick or treat my body today?  This is the question I ask myself every morning upon waking up.  When cooking seems to be too much work, I end up tricking my body with empty calories and poorly nutritious food.  On such days I end up eating a lot more than I need, and my mood seems to be worse than when I treat my body with delicious food filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  With a busy lifestyle most of us lead, choosing to eat healthy is sometimes really difficult since it requires dedication and determination.  Would I have enough willpower to keep my intentions of eating healthy?  But how about trick-or-treating again?  What if instead of determination or perseverance I trick my body into eating healthy?  Switching from black tea and simple sugar to herbal tea and honey in the morning is very simple and doesn’t require much energy at all.  Herbal tea with honey will give your necessary vitamins and supply you with energy.

 IFruit bowlf you add a few types of berries into a plain yogurt in the morning the benefits will be incredible.  You just had probiotics that would wake up your digestive system and help good bacteria fight the bad one.  Another trick is to give your body fruits when it craves sweets.  Treat yourself with dry berries like blueberry with a variety of nuts and cravings and mood swings would simply disappear.  Please treat yourself with simple, but nutritious foods every day and the trick of staying healthy will be easy.

Happy Halloween!


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