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Happy Valentine’s Day!

What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day?  For me Valentine’s day is probably the most important holiday.  It’s a reminder that winter is almost over and very soon the spring will take over and will decorate the earth with the most beautiful colors.  It’s a reminder that taking care of each other is really important and that making someone happy we become much happier as well.  

It’s not easy to understand the significance of this holiday when so many couples turn it into a cheesy once a year romantic date; however, this holiday is not just about sex and passionate night, but about loving and caring for each other.  Our lives are so busy with tons of tasks and responsibilities that even simple smile sometimes seems impossible.  Smiling, saying hello or thank you became rare even though we care a lot, so sometimes we even look like heartless beasts.  Thus, we need Valentine’s day to pause for a minute and remember that we came to this earth through love, and love is the only feeling that should be treasured.  

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When a child is born he or she doesn’t understand the concept of love because he/she is love.  The child simply loves you because you exist.  The child doesn’t see your flaws, doesn’t know the difference between ugly and beautiful because no-one conditioned him or her yet.  The smile is genuine, the hug is real, the laugh is contagious, and life is simple.  When I was a child I loved to say hello to everyone.  I didn’t need to be “taught manners”, I simply enjoyed saying hello.  I didn’t have to divide people into friends and strangers because to me they were all friends who needed my greeting.  Unfortunately, I can’t repeat the same thing being an adult; however, remembering this part of my childhood can be super-helpful.  For instance, a real smile and sincere greeting can start a ripple effect that can last for a long time.  Imagine walking into a coffee shop with a happy face and wishing the barista a happy morning?  He or she could have a tough morning, but you made this morning better.  Then the barista’s changed mood can affect the customers’ mood and all of a sudden we have happier people around us.  Happy people are healthy people, and healthy people are happy people, and happy and healthy people are loving and caring people that are friendly and compassionate!  Healthy and happy person is non-competitive, but confident and true to him or herself.  Such person would be happy to see others strive and become better human beings.  Sounds like utopia?  Maybe, but it could also become our reality.  Start with yourself, write a list of things you admire about yourself, and then really admire them!  You are so unique that it’s simply impossible not to be happy! Add to that smiling for no reason, laughing for no reason and your life can become creative and amazingly enjoyable!  Now you can share your joy with others and help them change their lives, and every day of your life will become Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

MilagroFlora team.

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