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Easy liver detox.

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Have you ever experienced an immediate change of mood after your house was thoroughly cleaned?  It feels as though the whole place became lighter and happier! Strangely enough the idea that our bodies house souls and need to be cleaned as well rarely occurs to us.  Living at such a high pace and demanding times our bodies need to be cleansed more than ever.

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Out of all organs, the liver has the most difficult job, it’s like being a sanitation worker for the body. It’s responsible for cleansing, producing and breaking down the blood, removing toxins from the body, distributing nutrients all over the systems, transforming fats and proteins into energy, making bile and lots more.  Regrettably, we don’t always take proper care of this admirable organ overloading it with junk, cigarettes, alcohol and negative emotions.  It is therefore essential to regularly detox it and keep it at its optimum.  There are many ways to cleanse and support the liver, but all of them include bitters as they stimulate the bile flow and improve digestion.  Many liver flushes or cleanses recommend mixing olive oil with lemon, lime or grapefruit.  Such cleanse will move the bile stones from the gallbladder and all the lobes of the liver leaving it refreshed enough to continue its incredibly complex function.  This is how I prefer to detoxify my liver.  Drink 1 cup of warm water with 1 lemon or lime squeezed in it upon rising.  According to ayurveda drinking water with lemon helps release ama or toxins.  Prepare a green salad that has arugula, mustard greens, dandelion greens, endive, kale, romaine, watercress, parsley.  You can add grated beets and carrots.  Add a dressing made from olive oil with freshly squeezed lemon, lime or grapefruit.  Continue eating this salad during the day.  You can also make fresh green juice adding to it green apple, all the greens listed for the salad, also include a small piece of fresh ginger, 1 beet and 1 carrot.  Again drink your green juice throughout the day.  Adding 1 teaspoon of spirulina, chlorophyll and barley grass will enrich your juice and nourish your liver even more.Along with bitter salads and juices, drink herbal teas.  You can include ginger(fresh or dried), oregon grape root, dandelion root mixed in equal proportion.  Since you are using the roots, you will have to simmer them in an enameled vessel.  Take 1 teaspoon of the mix pour 1 cup of water in the pot and bring it to boil.  Lower the flame and simmer the tea for 15 min.  Let it cool and drink it with honey if you want to improve the taste.  Adding fennel seeds will improve the taste and help your digestive system as well.  On such days avoid any alcoholic beverages, dairy products, meat, fish and eggs.  Use sauna or steam room if possible, run, dance or exercise to increase the blood flow and make sure to stay in a good mood as liver is very sensitive to our negative emotions.

Happy cleanse!

MilagroFlora Team

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